When Are You At Your Best?

I’m participating in the 2018 Class of Leadership Atlanta. A recent workshop had as ask 20-30 friends, family, colleagues, and peers to share stories of when we are at our best. Called the Reflected Best Self, the intent is to shed light on when others perceive us exhibiting our best qualities. The takeaway is that we should not only understand the “best quality” themes but also find the patterns of context in which they occur.

Below are the 4 “themes” that emerged from the stories. Per usual, I will present via thematic alliteration!

I am at my best when I am…

conversing to connect. 

I seek connection through debate, reflection, and sharing experiences together. These often occur outdoors while in nature. I avoid “small chat” — I like to talk, just not chat, and it is rarely about “small” matters.

considering challenges.

Challenges allow me to practice my strong work ethic and innate industriousness. The best challenges are ones in which I am willing to fail, but reflection during the journey is more important than the achievement.

compassionately chuckling.

I seek humor in everything. I especially use humor as a path towards opening up others to explore the taboo.  This humor is often self-deprecating and rarely at the expense of others.

casually coaching.

I leave my mark by planting seeds to encourage self-actualization via poignant questions and my own behavior. I never pass a chance to share knowledge — it is something that while I am giving I am still receiving back.


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